Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The definition of "poor sport" in the dictionary must have Yvgeni Plushenko's picture next to it. Now this raving asshat has awarded HIMSELF a platinum medal for his Olympic program as skated.

Yvgeni you are making a fool of yourself and you are ruining the reputation of a very nice guy - yourself - by your nonsense! Look at the score sheet, lad, and you'll see that you and Evan Lysacek both got the same "components" (artistry) scores. However, his grade of execution surpassed yours and you really should sit down and take a look at a recording of your long program - the scratchy and wildly out of control landings to jumps that should be simple for you to perform. Your stamina sucks, Yvgeni. Unlike skaters who run through their programs - both long and short - multiple times every single day, 365 days of the year for 4 long years, Russian athletes tend to work on carefully selected specific portions of their programs. If that's how you want to train, so be it. But don't whine when your lack of stamina makes it necessary for you to "front load" a program, thus sacrificing the 10% bonus points on jumps performed in the second half of the program. The ISU rules were enacted so that skaters were forced to perform a complete program that included jumps, spins, and connecting footwork. Those are the rules, kiddo. If you chose not to abide by them, you have only yourself to blame.

You screwed yourself out of the gold medal, Mr. Plushenko. Now stop babbling and whining and generally making an ass of yourself and behave like the champion we all thought you were after the Torino Olympics. You are the father of a young child. Don't you think you should be showing him a good example of grace under adverse conditions? Don't you think you should quit trying to denigrate and degrade a victory for Evan Lysacek that was earned by his hard work and dedication. He was and is the best conditioned athlete at these games. And he has never uttered one derogatory word about you and that graciousness on his part only emphasizes what a dickweed you are showing yourself to be. Guess what, Russian skaters do not have a divine entitlement to anydamnthing. You have to earn your medals, just like anyone else! Knock off the crap, kiddo. You're only hurting yourself.

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