Tuesday, October 26, 2010


And it's time to start solidifying your intentions at the polling place. What I do not wish to hear is this "Well, I didn't vote because I wanted to teach the GOP a lesson!" No, you are obliged and required by your constitutional DUTY to vote. It's because you didn't vote (against the Hopey Changey disaster) that my sister hasn't worked for two years. It's because you didn't vote that a lot of people have lost their life's savings. It is YOUR doing that the country is in this pickle and it's high time you started to put your oar into the water and start rowing with the rest of us.

Just remember, SEIU and ACORN are both poised to institute all manner of chicanery after the polling places close. It's our job to make the tsunami of votes so enormous that they cannot jigger the election results no matter how crooked and manipulative they are!

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