Thursday, October 14, 2010


In an effort to be even-handed in my scorn for the "traditionalists" on both sides of the aisle, I have a question for Senator John Cornyn who is in charge of parceling out the funding for various Republican candidates nationwide - what in the hell is wrong with you?

In the first damned place, Christine O'Donnell had to overcome the obstacles placed in her path by the national Republican Party when she was running for the nomination - because THEY (in their infinite stupidity) preferred her Republican opponent. Since when does this crap make any sense you dessicated morons? When I was growing up, back at the same time that you were probably still soiling your diapers, the rule of thumb was that the Party did not, under any circumstances, take sides in a primary election. But son of a gun, you idiots decided to do so! And it didn't work. So now you have Christine O'Donnell as your candidate and you've decided to take your marbles (money) and go home! NOT acceptable. You wonder why the Party is in trouble? Your boneheaded and obstinate refusal to recognize that "We the People" may know better than you entrenched mossy-brained lamebrains what this country needs!

In the second place, Christine O'Donnell's opponent is a perfectly appalling creature and a sitting duck if only Ms. O'Donnell had the support and money to take her down the home stretch to defeating him. As it is, Delaware will replace the horrendous Rosary Joe Biden with another seat-filler extraordinaire and we will be yet another vote short of a majority!

You bunch of troglodytes need to sit up, take notice and stop behaving this way! Michael Steele if you cannot move these stonehengelike idiots forward into the 21st century, then maybe YOU need to go also! And I had such high hopes for you too.

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