Friday, October 15, 2010


Despite being castigated by her own boss, Barbara Walters, as being "unprofessional" when she and Whoopi Goldberg first attempted to shout down O'Reilly, with whose opinion these two ditzy dames apparently disagreed, and then, with typical liberal adult behavior walked off the set of The View instead of staying and engaging in a reasoned and sensible debate with O'Reilly (who, by the way, I don't much like).

On her own show on HLN with Jesse Ventura, Ms. Behar objected again to O'Reilly saying that Muslims did the killing on 9/11. Joy, Joy, Joy - where were YOU on 9/11? Those weren't NORWEGIANS who hijacked 4 airliners and then flew them into buildings (or the ground of Pennsylvania), killing thousands of people and themselves. Those were Muslims you incredibly stupid oaf of a woman!

There are appropriate locations for the Mosque and less than a block from Ground Zero is not one of them. Let them build it somewhere further away from what is and should continue to be hallowed ground.

That's all Bill O'Reilly was trying to say. Yes, it's their right to build their freaking mosque. But WE DO HAVE A RIGHT to object to the location. WE have free speech as well you dim little twit!

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