Monday, October 11, 2010


There are a couple of narratives making the rounds these days (1) the Dems aren't worried about 11/2 because they plan to have The Boy King declare martial law and thus the expected deluge of Republican officeholders won't have a chance to happen; (2) the Dems aren't worried because they're in denial; (3) no matter what happens on November 2, the Dems have some nasty surprises for us during the lame duck session leading up to January 1 when the new (more intelligent, more conservative) Congress takes office.

Let's discuss these various potential scenarios one by one:

(1) Not even The Boy King would be so insane as to declare martial law, thus preventing the election on 11/2. The nation wouldn't stand for it and the Armed Forces would, justifiably, refuse to obey the orders! We have to have some faith in our fellow citizens folks, particularly we must depend on those of us who are steadfast, as well as willing and able to defend our Republic, our persons and our property.

(2) The Dems could be in denial. They've never struck me as being wrapped all that tightly, what with their BDS and PDS afflictions. They've never taken the Tea Party seriously and that could well be their biggest mistake!

(3) I don't think the weak willed, spineless dorks in the Republican Party who are currently members of Congress would be so foolish as to allow the nonsense that may be planned to take place. Even the soggy white bread, cucumber, mayo sandwich crowd can stave off the idiocy for 9 weeks or less! If they seem to be flagging in their efforts, we can remind them of their duty at the top of our lungs. Even the most idiotic Republican will hear better than any idiotic Dems in Congreses. And remember, there are some Republicans with cojones who can be counted upon to organize the nonsense-stopping activities! Thank goodness for Reps. Cantor, Boehner, Rob Wittman and others of their ilk!

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