Tuesday, October 26, 2010


C.J. the 12-year old tyro who cuts my grass when he can get his A.D.H.D. under control enough to stick to the schedule, came bolting over to my house last Saturday when he saw that I had friend Joyce's grandson Brandon helping me out around the house - specifically cleaning off the deck! Brandon was already done with his labors and we were relaxing for a few minutes - watching the OSU Buckeyes pound the life out of the Purdue Boilermakers 49-0! And a lovely pounding it was too! Anyway, C. J. came marching up to my front door wearing an Ohio State University sweatshirt which he claimed to hate and which I then informed him he'd better wear each and every Saturday for the rest of the year!

Poor kid. His family is so tight for money, the idea of college is a foreign concept to him. Thanks Lightbringer! Another family screwed over.

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