Thursday, October 21, 2010


The big stink over Bill O'Reilly's [accurate] comments on The View is being further fueled by no less than brainless Behar and Whoopi - both of whom apparently are still furious that they were made to look like the pinheaded morons they are on their own show. Behar seems to think that because she used to be a school teacher [and I've known about some truly brain-dead teachers] that she somehow has a lock on intelligence, which is emphatically NOT the case. She is a brainless idiot who regurgitates whatever leftwing talking points are fed to her. Whoopi has occasional moments of lucidity but Behar is just hopelessly dumb, immature and deranged as well!

Could it be that they are continuing to fuel this debate for the sake of ratings? I don't think O'Reilly could be the guilty party in this because his ratings are phenomenol, but The View could be in trouble. It ought to be. We ought to be boycotting this egrediously biased show that gives a voice to five (yes, Elizabeth as well) idiotic females!

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