Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Someone who cares about this woman needs to get her menopausal ass to a doctor and get her on some hormones. She reminds me of my sister who had a hysterectomy at age 35 and then proceeded to go through 4 jobs in 2 years. Her boss would come in, say "good morning", she would shout "I don't have to take that crap from you!" and march her happy self out the door. Finally a friend of ours advised her to see a doctor and get some hormones and she kept the next job for nearly 7 years!

If this over-the-top, vitriolic virago doesn't modify her behavior, she's going to be jobless and will take The View down with her - which in my book would be a good thing but nevertheless! Nobody should be harboring that level of bile and that depth of hatred for other human beings. It just isn't healthy for her and anyone who happens to be caught in the wake of her hateful spewing!

Surely Barbara Walters is making it clear to Ms. Behar that her rants are not amusing or productive! If Barbara Walters isn't doing so, then SHE is senile and needs to retire altogether and sooner rather than later!

UPDATE: Sharon Angle is nothing if not a class act. Today she sent Joy Behar a beautiful flower arrangement with a note thanking Joy Behar for the $150,000 the campaign has raised in the past 24 hours!

That should make Behar's head explode!

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