Thursday, April 10, 2008


The liberal attacks on Senator John McCain (R. - Ariz.), the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency have begun. And of course, there's one thing that you can count on - reality has nothing whatsoever to do with the allegations:

" . . . in The Real McCain, scheduled to be released May 1, Schecter, citing unnamed sources, also relates two previously unreported incidents of McCain's allegedly losing his cool. He alleges that in 2006, McCain came to blows with fellow Arizona lawmaker Rep. Rick Renzi during a strategy meeting. The fight was precipitated, according to Schecter's two sources, when Renzi ordered McCain to stop calling him "boy." (McCain ultimately became friendly with Renzi, who has since been indicted on federal corruption charges.)"
Here's the problem with this allegation, Mr. Schecter. Due to the serious injuries suffered by John McCain when he was imprisoned for over five years by the North Vietnamese (something no liberal could survive, I suspect), he cannot raise his arms beyond a certain point. In fact, he is unable to comb his own hair. So "coming to blows" with anyone is both unlikely and ludicrous.

If you're going to lie about someone, at least do a little research first, folks! Or better, yet, quit the freaking character assassination. Senator John McCain is not my first, or even second, choice for the Republican nomination, but he is both more qualified and less frightening than either Senator Barack Hussein Obama or Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Both the possible Democratic nominees are both unqualified and terrifyingly leftwing.

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