Wednesday, April 23, 2008

JAMES EARL CARTER, JR. – Chutpah BY a Cracker!

James Earl Carter, Jr. says that the Secretary of State is not telling the truth and that nobody "told him" not to meet with Hamas. Oh really?! How about common sense? How about the newspapers (even the mainstream sycophantic drive-by media)?

When one considers the vast number of untruths contained in James Earl Carter, Jr.’s most recent book, the following statements are both astonishing and ludicrous!

Carter says Secretary Rice "not telling truth"

By Matthew Bigg - 1 hour, 20 minutes ago

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday accused Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of not telling the truth about warnings she said her department gave Carter not to speak to Hamas before a Middle East trip.

The State Department has said U.S. Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, the top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East, issued the warning before Carter, a veteran of Middle East diplomacy, went on his trip last week.

Rice said in Kuwait on Tuesday: "We counseled President Carter against going to the region and particularly against having contact with Hamas."

"President Carter has the greatest respect for ... Rice and believes her to be a truthful person. However, perhaps inadvertently, she is continuing to make a statement that is not true," a statement issued by the Carter center in Atlanta said on Wednesday.

"No one in the State Department or any other department of the U.S. government ever asked him (Carter) to refrain from his recent visit to the Middle East or even suggested that he not meet with Syrian President (Bashar) Assad or leaders of Hamas," it said."

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy – you were the worst president of the 20th Century against some pretty tough competition and, in a political party that venerates to the truth-challenged you are a standout. And you have the brass cojones to call the Secretary of State of the United States of America a liar? Have you no shame? (All right – that was a dumb question – of course he has no shame! If he did, he’d keep his vicious and lying trap shut!)

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WomanHonorThyself said...

youre so right!..he would be Hitler if he had enough power!