Wednesday, April 30, 2008


First, I have to say that if we had seen THIS Hillary Rodham Clinton (a woman I still do not like at all) on the campaign trail all along, Barack Obama would already be out of the race - she was that good. Maybe it has been a BIG mistake for her to avoid some tougher questioners. She appeared to be spontaneous, humorous and smart. How much of that was artifice isn't for me to say, although I suspect she was well prepped.

Second, props to O'Reilly for softballing his questions enough that she didn't feel driven into a corner, and yet he did manage to elicit some sponaneous reactions from her. I was especially impressed by the exchange involving taxes for the highest earners in our society in which both seemed to be actually speaking the same language - in a manner of speaking.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a socialist, pure and simple and that's my opinion based on a lot of observations over a lot of time. But she came across as human in this interview, more than any I have seen her give.

And although Dick Morris can almost always be counted on to get it wrong, it very well may be that Bill is telling Hillary to stay in, be gracious when Barack Obama gets the nomination, sit back and let John McCain win the presidency and spend the next 4 years positioning herself for 2012. While I would greatly prefer that she just go away, that may be the scenario that plays out. Drat!

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