Monday, April 21, 2008


Well actually, by Jimmy Carter, but one has to wonder if those two aren't one and the same.

"Carter strongly hints he supports Obama
50 minutes ago

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Former US President Jimmy Carter declined to endorse either candidate on the eve of Pennsylvania's Democratic primary but strongly hinted that he supported Illinois Senator Barak Obama.

"As a superdelegate, I think I ought to stay as flexible as I can, but I obviously observe what goes on around me," Carter told reporters in Jerusalem as he wrapped up a Middle East tour in which he drew fire from Washington and Israel for meeting with leaders of the Islamist Hamas movement.

"My little town of Plains voted for Obama, and as you know my state of Georgia voted for Obama, and all of my children, all of my grandchildren, and all of their spouses are for Obama... That's as far as I've gone."

Carter said he has already made his decision but would not announce it until at least June 3, after the last primaries have been held."
Sounds like the nail just got driven in Obama's coffin. McCain for President, y'all!


pianogirl said...

I don't know, but somehow having the entire Carter clan from Georgia, Hamas and now Michael Moore endorsing your candidacy wouldn't be what I'd look for if I were Hussein-Obama, but that's just me.

Gayle Miller said...

If I were Barack Hussein Obama, I'd be planning my concession speech right now. Whether it's to Shrillery (and it still may be) or to McCain - it is going to happen!