Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is presidential? Hardly.

From American Thinker today:

Thanks to American Thinker's Rick Moran and his analysis of a video from an LA Times blog, even better displayed in another camera angle posted by the Baltimore Sun, it's clear that Senator Obama delivered a common obscene gesture in Senator Clinton's direction as he spoke to a crowd of his loyal followers in North Carolina the day after the Philadelphia debate. He shot Hillary the bird, only slightly surreptitiously. Visit the links above to see it happen.

Obama's explanation of how the debate questions represented "Washington" playing "gotcha politics" is telling by itself. Whining does not become anyone who aspires to be the President of the United States of America, as Obama likes to voice the complete title of the job he wants. And his assurances that he was unfazed by the perceived attacks he received from the ABC moderators resemble the braggadocio of the boxer who climbs up from the canvas on a nine count, nose bleeding with one eye swollen shut, saying "Hey, he never laid a glove on me." We could read Obama's body language in the debate. We saw him take heavy leather. So what is this video all about, and what does it tell us about Barack Obama?

When I first saw the video, I really hoped that it was just an optical illusion of some sort, somewhat akin to the reflection in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses that surfaced last week. After watching the video a few more times, the ugly truth became apparent – a candidate running for the office of President actually was juvenile and idiotic enough to make an obscene gesture to another presidential candidate.

I have never thought that Barack Hussein Obama had the credentials for the presidency. From his plans to tax us into personal bankruptcy to his clear inability to understand the threats posed by Muslim fascist behavior, his totally ignorant plans for NASA, his arrogant and condescending attitude toward the very people who could put him into the Oval Office and his clear moral bankruptcy as evidenced by both his ties to that hate-filled pastor of his and his wife’s completely arrogant belief in her own superiority – let’s not even get into his clear lack of understanding of what it takes to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic – this is a man of great charisma and absolutely zero substance! And let’s face it, anyone who can makes Hillary Rodham Clinton look statesmanlike by comparison is pretty doggone flawed!

John McCain, warts and all, is a far better choice.


pianogirl said...

Hussein-Obama supporters tried to pretend that he was just scratching his face, but when you heard the giggles and laughter from the live audience, it was very, very clear that THEY knew what he was doing!

Mrs Media Matters said...

I completely agree on that aspect and well said!

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