Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The Democrats seem to be quite willing to betray their own loyalists – hence the nonsensical rejection of both Florida and Michigan primary results. The initial strong arm tactics against the Democratic primary planners in both states were ludicrous, as was the pressure on the various campaigns to eschew participation in these two primaries. Once everyone but Hillary (who will take any vote she can get, wherever she can get it) had declined to participate, the primary was held anyway and the Democratic powers-that-be are adamant that they will not recognize the results. Nice empowerment of your base, Dems! I know absolute morons who can think things through better than you can. But then, with Howard Dean, a man to whom temperate temperament seems to be a foreign concept, as the party’s chairman, what else did they expect? Seriously, the man is the embodiment (along with James Carville) of rage-filled political speech. Dean also is a petty tyrant who keeps barking out orders to both campaigns as if he has the right to do so. What’s up with that crap?

The left-leaning media (which arguably is 95% of it) has been having wet dreams over Barack Hussein Obama for the past year and now that his feet of clay are starting to become apparent, many Dem strategists seem quite willing – excited really – to hurl Senator Obama overboard, just as they did with Hillary when she started to actually be seen as who and what she is - not a very nice human being. Unfortunately, the Dems have two potential nominees who have (whatever you might think of them) waged hard fought and energetic primary season campaigns and both have legitimate claims to present to the Party’s convention. And down to the wire, neither of them has been able to “close the deal”.

It hasn’t helped Senator Obama even a little bit that, in large part due to the lengthy primary season, too many of his questionable associations (Wright, Ayers, Rezko) seem to be surfacing and his wife has been injudiciously running her mouth too. And just in time to make Democratic voters think three or four times about him as potential president! The Democratic primary voters appear to have given some seriously negative thought to Senator Clinton’s potential problems as commander-in-chief of a military she has given every evidence of despising! Or (and I honestly think this is the case) the woman just isn’t really very likable.

Bottom line folks: This is nothing more nor less than a job interview for the most important job in the world. So any notion that WE the people have no right to ask seriously probing questions of ANYONE seeking the job is absolutely asinine. Of course we have the right. Character counts. And on that score, I am finding both Democratic frontrunners lacking. Completely.

Hillary Clinton never met a lie she didn’t love and Barack Obama is a transparently unqualified buffoon with nice manners and not one sincere bone in his body. Neither is even remotely qualified for the very tough and demanding job they seek.

The Republicans haven’t done much better in the candidate department; we just got the whole painful thing over with much more quickly than the Dems have been able to do. We’ve got Senator John McCain and, given the potential opponents, he looks like Tiffany in comparison to the Dollar Store junk jewelry being offered by the other party. The other side has already floated a couple of trial balloons in opposition to Senator McCain but they haven’t really made a dent. The chattering classes seem to be distracted by the on-going demolition derby going on in the Democratic Party. In the meantime, both Obama and Clinton have raised so doggone much money during the course of this campaign, any odds as to what money will be left for them to use for the general election? If any?

All this augers well for Republicans retaining control of the Presidency. Now if Republican could just achieve a backbone transplant for all the RINOs in the House and the Senate, we might be good to go. As it stands, however, I doubt very much that a Republican president will be anything more than a counterweight to the Democratic lunacy being fomented over in the House of Representatives, where la Pelosi reigns, or the utterly lunatic bunch over in the Senate with Slick Harry Reid in ascendency.

My feeling is that if “none of the above” were on the ballots nationwide, “none of the above” would win every seat up for grabs in a landslide!

UPDATE #1: Opinions are floating on the Web that Rev. Wright's sudden volubility is being encouraged by skullduggery perpetrated by the Clinton campaign. Wouldn't surprise me and it is the kind of devious, rotten, brilliant move the Clintons have been known to pull!

UPDATE #2: William Kristol weighs in with some interesting thoughts on the campaign here:

Sen. Obama is ducking Sen. Clinton because his last debate performance was an unspeakable disaster and no doubt contributed to his drubbing at the hands of Sen. Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary.

But what does it say about this allegedly messianic figure whose speech “elevates” and sends thrills up the legs of the big foot media that he is now afraid to field questions in front of a national audience? What does it say about those who still worship him?


Mrs. Media Matters said...

Of course I am Republican and will vote Republican, but from where I stand there are no decent candidates running this season.

BMX said...

Yes I am also republican and will definitely vote to a republican candidate.