Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I think that former Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. has milked this “global warming” fantasy of his about as far as anyone can expect. He should quietly meander off into the silence of obscurity (taking another lunatic, James Earl Carter, Jr., with him) and spend his remaining years cuddled up with his Nobel prize and his Oscar. The “global warming” boondoggle is over, fella! And, as I have said all along, physicists have gone back to predicting a new ice age!

As reported over the past few days, food prices are rising (and shortages are beginning to manifest themselves), because nobody seems to be "getting" that diverting 30% of the corn crop to bio-fuels is having a major effect all over the world. Cows eat corn - thus the precipitous rise in prices of milk, cheese and beef. In Mexico they are really hurting because of course CORN is a huge component of their diet (actually of mine as well). Poultry eats corn too, thus the price of eggs and chicken and so forth is also elevated. I completely agree that we need to limit our dependence on outside fuel sources but we have major oil reserves in this country that need to be utilized. And while you're at it - leave my sharp cheddar alone!

Speaking of unintended consequences: most of the so-called “green” vehicles utilize rather powerful batteries. How long are they built to last, how (and where) are they to be disposed of when they fail and what will be the cost of replacing them? It’s an important consideration. Our landfills don’t need the extra business.

Look, I’m all for conservation of natural resources but I’m also against jumping willy-nilly on bandwagons before consequences are able to be determined. For example, some 25 years ago, I explored the world of “green” products for laundry and cleaning of my home. First I discovered they didn’t work very well and second I discovered that I was allergic to them.

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