Wednesday, April 23, 2008


There you can read about the latest attempt to smear John McCain. I freely admit that he wasn't my first choice for the nomination, but likewise I cannot believe the depths to which the minions of the despicable chattering classes have sunk. Despicable, disgusting and wholly offensive. I don't care if you supported another Republican candidate or whether you support one of the Democratic candidates. John McCain's disability pension is well deserved and a non-issue and should remain that way!


pianogirl said...

The McCains give a very large amount of money to charity, and I would suspect that while he "gets" this pension, that amount actually goes to a charity in some form.

Gayle Miller said...

I'm sure it does.

MsFalconersCabanaBoy said...

Hi Gayle!

Thanks so much for the link! It's good to see that you've gotten back into the blogging groove like I did. Let's see how long we can keep the streak going.