Thursday, April 24, 2008


NEW YORK (AP) - The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor to Barack Obama, said that publicizing sound bites of sermons in which he condemned U.S. policies was "unfair" and "devious," and done by people who know nothing about his church, according to excerpts of a PBS interview released Thursday.

"It's unfair!" That is such unadulterated manure! It’s the kind of thing you hear from whiney children on a playground – not from a so-called adult who not only should know better, but who also has had the responsibility of ministering to people’s spiritual well-being for many years.

I can only conclude that Rev. Wright really hates being found out to be the America-hating bigot that he is. And why is he so filled with hatred? He grew up in the middle class so he cannot claim an impoverished childhood. Did the poor little asshat have to wait too long for his $10 million mansion in Chicago? That this piece of excrement is a man that Barack Hussein Obama professes to admire is the first, best and really only reason needed to prevent anyone sane from voting for him for the Democratic nomination. Like his Pastor, Obama is spiritually bankrupt.

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