Thursday, April 02, 2009


The arrogant Narcissist who is currently president of the United States and his nasty, ignorant wife are traveling around in Europe hoping to generate the level of near-worship The One experiences here in this country. . . a level of popularity that is diminishing as we get to know him more fully. In the process, Mrs. Obama has egregiously violated protocol by hugging the Queen of England who responded with a kindness offered only to bumptious children when they misbehave! If I hear one more sycophantic dweeb waxing lyrical on the subject of how stylish, how beautiful, how this, how that is our First Lady (the woman who was never proud of her country until her husband became its president - you know that unpatriotic slut!) when in reality she is an hate-filled vessel lacking the humility to admit she doesn't know jack about the rules of the game of a First Lady (hell, I miss Laura Bush so damned much).

And whether or not her husband did diss NASCAR, it's believable as something he would do. He doesn't intend to offend, he just comes by it naturally!

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