Friday, April 10, 2009



On this Good Friday keep Capt. Richard Phillips in your prayers. The US Navy is on a collision course with the pirates who are holding him. Pray for his safe return AND heaven only knows our President lacks the "cojones" to rescue him properly!

H/t Third Wave Dave Logan - a fine fellow at the best and worst of times!

UPDATE: You guys pray good! Thanks to the U.S. Navy snipers and the grace of God, Capt. Richard Phillips has been freed from his captors. Don't tread on the U.S.A. you scurvy bastards!

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Anonymous said...

Hmm..and are you going to retract your 'President lacks the "cojones"' statement? I doubt it. Everybody knows that you will just bash Obama and never say anything good about him (if you do it would only be in some backhanded manner anyways).