Monday, April 20, 2009


My rather relaxed lifestyle has apparently caught up with me, big time! I had some health concerns earlier this month and went to see my doctor where I informed her that it was my opinion that I had experienced a small, non-debillitating stroke. She immediately scheduled me for an MRI which I had last Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon as I was preparing to drive in to work, I received a telephone call from her to report to her office to pick up the paperwork as she wanted me to be checked into the hospital for more tests. The MRI had apparently shown some areas for concern! So I packed a little bag (forgot my hairbrush), cleaned The Wonder Cat's litter box, filled up his food dish overly so, called Sis and asked her to drive me and off we went. I thought I would only be there overnight! Boy was I ever mistaken!

Hospitals are places that operate on their own imperatives. For example, a preliminary sleep study was being performed on me Wednesday night. There was a big, honking sign on my door that said, quite clearly "Sleep study in progress. Do not awaken this patient!" which in no way deterred a tech from entering my room, awakening me, removing my telemetry connection and wanting to draw additional blood! I told her that I didn't trust someone who clearly couldn't read to perform that task! She was most offended.

Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia is a very lovely hospital, if you have to be in a hospital. The staff is friendly and pleasant. They have room service! Breakfast is available 24/7 - just like Denny's! Their chicken caesar salad is exceptional! They are warm and caring. They do really like to wake people from restful slumber for their little tests and vampire behavior. They honestly do seem to give a rat's eardrum about how their patients are feeling.

I don't ever want to go back there! Despite the kindness shown. I missed my cat!


Sissy Willis said...

And he missed you! Do try to stay away from the TV, though. Your BP will thank you. 'Hope you are feeling better.

Gayle Miller said...

Much better. My boss, Jeremiah, went through the same nonsense 2 years ago and he made me feel all better with a couple of very nice phone calls to me in the hospital - kept me from freaking out.