Monday, April 06, 2009


I'm watching as our Rahm Emanuel-governed nation (what - you didn't think that stammering jugeared, infantile p.o.s. knows enough to run anything? He is barely voting "present" these days!) is hurtling headlong into a destruction of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. As we move into what I consider the holiest weekend of the year (both Passover and Easter coming together this year), it occurs to me that it is important for those of us who have studied history and who have come to some reasoned and supported conclusions about what's happening to us as a nation. We've become lazy - and complacent. My late father, a very SMART man, used to say that the problem with America is that she hasn't had to fight an adversary on her own soil for many years. What will happen when we are forced into a war with our own Federal government for the rights guaranteed us in a disregarded Constitution? It won't be brother against brother. It will be Right-thinking Christian against godless Communism all over again. On our own soil.

It is important that we bear in mind the REASON for Easter - the miraculous resurrection of a martyred Savior. Passover commemorates another example of God's grace - the sparing of the children of the Jews from the retribution being visited upon the Pharoah for his enslavement of God's people. We must trust in God but stockpile canned goods and drinking water. Keeping my own life necessities in mind, I have acquired a manual can opener, coffee grinder and a Corning Ware coffee percolator so that I can observe with my dearly loved coffee in hand, as we wrest back our beautiful nation from the hands of the Satanically inspired interlopers! Lay in a supply of Matzos and peanut butter (my own favorite snack combination), powdered CoffeeMate creamer and canned soups and stews.

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