Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It certainly feels as though we've been oppressed with this jugeared leftwing infant for longer than 100 days. But April 29 is the day of the 100 day anniversary. President Obama’s first 100 days in office is more than simply an opportunity to provide a report card on his term thus far. I believe his first 100 days offer us a frightening glimpse of what a "changed America" could look like: trillions in debt, suffocated free markets, diluted forms of capitalism, and individual liberties sacrificed at the altar of collectivism.

For those of us who have been paying [horrified] attention, we have seen a spending spree that will cripple our nation far into the future encouraged and enabled by an immature incompetent who honestly believes in the left wing's entitlement social construct to the depths of his alleged soul.

In point of fact, it is those of us who possess a clear-eyed view of the current administration and its arrogant disregard of American traditions and cultural mores who will be the first to feel the wrath of The Won! Bloggers who blow the whistle on some of the stupider ideas emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - whose idea was that "fly by" in NYC yesterday? Whoever came up with it was pushing a singularly stupid and insensitive point of view! Madame Pelosi having the brass balls to DENY that she had ever been read any of the memoranda wherein the Waterboarding techniques were examined and discussed for the edification of the Congressional class! I knew she was insane AND retarded - she's a stone liar as well! All that Botox I guess!

Unlike some others amongst the conservative class, I deepyly hope and pray, to the depths of my soul, that President Obama will be the most successful president we have had since the late, lamented Ronald W. Reagan! My prayers and hopes are that he will equal the many good things done by George W. Bush and that he never ever descends into senility and rancor as has the President he currently resembles - James Earl Carter, Jr., the undisputed worst president of the 20th Century against some really stiff competition! To win a contest where Warren G. Harding is one of the candidates for the crown is real talent!

FINALLY: who was on the freaking airplane? The President? Campaign contributors? If it was still GWB's watch, the press would be falling all over itself to uncover the information. It seems like they're just sitting back calmly swallowing what bilgewater is being shunted their way!

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