Friday, April 24, 2009


It occurs to me that I have been very very angry of late on this blog. And of course, the reason is my fear over my health situation. In reality, the time to be fearful was when I didn’t know what was causing me to feel so dreadful. Now I know the reason and I know what can be done about it. It’s just a matter of time! And patience.

So here we go – letting go of anger. President Obama, I think you are a horse’s derriere, but I forgive you. You can’t help being a bozo, you were born that way. I will pray for you in the hopes that with God’s help you won’t totally destroy this nation.

Sean Penn – I think God gave you amazing talent in exchange for a face that resembles a ferret’s nether region. (Don’t mean to insult ferrets). Why in hell are you so angry? You are apparently such a stud that two beautiful women have chosen to marry you!

Meghan McCain – you liked your 15 minutes of fame during your father’s presidential campaign. It’s over. Admit what is the truth – you are an intellectually limited, essentially frivolous human being who makes no contributions of substance to this world. Your vapid opinions are, like yourself, shallow and unimportant and it’s time for you to go away!

Nancy Pelosi/Rosie O’Donnell/Janeane Garafalo – go away, just, please go away. Even my newly rediscovered sense of calm cannot sustain whilst hearing the spewing of your hateful and somehow idiotic thoughts! Mrs. Pelosi – I agree with Ann Coulter that it’s a mark of our nation’s greatness that a mentally retarded lunatic can become Speaker of the House. Now just shut up, please, STFU!

Bill O’Reilly – you are a pompous bloviating blowhard who adopts the latest sycophantic “meme” in order to feed your pathetic self-image. Try to understand that you aren’t the smartest man in America, you aren’t God, and you aren’t fit to wipe your nose on Rush Limbaugh’s shirt hem!

Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano. Now there is a meeting of two great minds! Just the sight of either one of them makes me reach for the gin! But I’m not going to worry about it. No more high blood pressure for me.

Keith Olbermann – never has one man received so much money for displaying so little talent and ability! Unless it’s Chris Matthews – he of the tingling leg! Now these two overpaid readers are demanding respect? I don’t know.


RandomThoughts said...

Health problems can make anyone cranky, but really, your blogged crankiness is well justified given the current political circus in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Gayle pull your head out and STFU.