Monday, April 06, 2009


Bishops’ statements on Notre Dame’s invitation to Barack Obama:

- Bishop John D’Arcy, Fort Wayne-South Bend
- Cardinal Francis George, Chicago
- Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Galveston-Houston
- Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Milwaukee
- Archbishop John Nienstedt, St. Paul-Minneapolis
- Archbishop Eusebius Beltran, Oklahoma City
- Bishop Edward Slattery, Tulsa
- Archbishop John Myers, Newark
- Archbishop Alfred Hughs, New Orleans
- Bishop Joseph Martino and Auxiliary Bishop John Dougherty, Scranton
- Bishop Thomas Doran, Rockford, Ill.
- Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Phoenix
- Bishop Gregory Aymond, Austin
- Bishop Robert Lynch, St. Petersburg
- Bishop R. Walker Nickless, Sioux City
- (Paul Schenck, on behalf of) Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Harrisburg, Pa.
- Bishop William Lori, Bridgeport, Conn. UPDATED
- Bishop George Murry, S.J., Youngstown, Ohio UPDATED

These high ranking Bishops are making clear statements concerning the disconcerting invitation of The Won to Notre Dame for the award of an honorary degree to the baby-murderer in chief of this nation, our President Barack Hussein Obama. Despite the clear teaching of the Catholic Church on the subject of "giving scandal to the faithful" - which this invitation certainly does - or honoring you faith properly which this invitation does not.

The President actively promotes and supports two initiatives that are anathema to Catholics: embryonic stem cell reasearch and abortion on demand. What part of stupid mental disconnect on the part of whoever at Notre Dame issued and approved this inviation? Isn't an apology to all Catholics appropriate!? and Soon?!

Over 259,140 signatures on the online petition at "Happy Catholic blog" so far. Go on over and make your voice heard if you agree that this is a travesty!

UPDATE: There are those who find the protests somehow not terribly Catholic in nature and who claim that Catholics should see this as an opportunity to teach our belief to the rest of the world. What rest of the world is that? The one that thinks it has the right to tell Catholics what their beliefs should be without invitation? The world that thinks it is okay to pacify and generally kiss the butts of Muslim lunatics who want to kill us because of our beliefs. Of generations of listening to various church leaders promulgate rules for Catholics, only to see those leaders allow prominent Catholics to bypass those rules, as when Jacqueline Kennedy married a divorced man in the Greek Orthodox Church which should count according to the Church's teachings as both adultery and sacrilege. But noooooooooooooo - Jackie O. was the Queen of Camelot and above reproach in the Church's eyes. This is called a big fat honking double standard and it ticks me off something fierce. John Kerry never satisfactorily explained that he had been annulled in the Church before remarrying his sugar mama - TuhRaza!! Ted Kennedy drove Joan to drink and then divorced her; remarrying supposedly in the Church with no admonishment from church leaders. Now, finally, the Church is drawing the line in the sand! It's long overdue and it doesn't surprise me that other faiths don't have much respect for the Catholic Church.

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