Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Well our peripatetic President has landed in Saudi Arabia en route to Cairo. No word on whether or not he bowed to the Saudi king again, but word has arrived that Osama bin Laden wasn't exactly tickled by our President's trip. Al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri urged Egyptians not to be seduced by Obama's 'polished words' when he makes his planned speech in Cairo. He said in a recording on an Islamist website: "Obama ... is not welcome in Egypt." Apparently Islamofascists don't really cotton to our silver-tongued devil of a president! Can't say I blame them. He is ignorant of history, ignorant of protocol, ignorant of reality. Great Britain was our good and great partner during WWII and our reliable friend ever since but our idiotic naif of a President overlooked inviting the Queen of England (who was herself a member of the British armed forces during WWII) to participate in DD commemoration! What a dumbass! His planned stops in Dresden and Buchenwald are astonishingly tone-deaf faux pas!

Now if my words offend some KoolAid drinking leftists, too damned bad. The incompetent clown that 53% of Americans were fooled into thinking was qualified for the office is doing his damnedest to destroy this nation and I don't like it. I hoped and prayed that he would do well. No such luck. Can the American people force the Congress into impeachment proceedings? Would some attorney answer that for me please?


piano girl said...

Well, we saw Hussein-Obama bow to the king in London recently. Maybe when he's in private, he'll be kissing the king's ass!

B.Poster said...

As bad as George W. Bush and his team did Obama should have gotten 80 to 90% of the vote. As it turns out he only got 53%. This would seem to indicate that a large number of Aemricans were not entirely comfortable with him.

As for impeachment, this is a very real possibility if the economy does not turn around by the middle of 2010. If the economy does not turn around by then, this will likely become the "Obama economy" and the Democrats will be in real trouble come election time. Of course if the economy does turn around Obama and his Democrat allies cruise to victory.

While I want the economy to turn around, given the policies to date of the Obama Administration and his Democrat allies in Congress an economic turnaround is unlikely. As such, the Republicans should have a huge majortiy in the House after the next election and will likely retake the Senate as well.

When this happens the only chance Obama will have to avoid impeachment will be if the police and the military back him against the people. This has worked in many parts of the world before. Will it work here? I don't think the police and the military are going to back him but I don't know.

Gayle Miller said...

Can you see our military - frequently insulted or ignored by our President - doing anything to support Obama?

He will not be impeached, however, because nobody wants to be a part of removing the first African-American president from office. All the Republicans will need to do in 2012 is offer a genuine alternative and that's all she wrote. It's Jimmy Carter redux!