Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Okay - that was mean but it's long past time for this woman's shelf-life to have been reached. Not to mention that she is ugly - both outside and inside!

Oakland Rep. Barbara Lee wants Congress to officially recognize veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas "for her pioneering career as a woman in journalism."The Democrat has introduced a three-page resolution that would bestow the House of Representatives' recognition on Thomas and honor her "unflagging and honest coverage of every president of the United States since John F. Kennedy."
I think the word "vicious" was overlooked. If a successful female news person should be honored the likes of Dorothy Kilgallen (who may have given her life for an honest story - she was conducting an in-depth investigation of JFK's assassination at the time of her death which may have been murder) and the extraordinary Cleveland stalwart Dorothy Fuldheim who has an undeniable role in American television news history; she is credited with being the first woman in the United States to anchor a television news broadcast as well to host her own television show. She has been referred to as the "First Lady of Television News." In what may be a legend, it was long rumored that she was thrown out of Nazi Germany by Adolf Hitler because (a) she was Jewish and (b) she would not kowtow to the Nazi p.r. machine.

I started my first career in television news in Cleveland and was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Ms. Fuldheim who refused to hire me becuase "I don't hire potential competition" - the nicest compliment I ever received. She was admired and feared by most in the television news business in Cleveland and was lovingly referred to as "Big Red" by all of us.

So don't pin roses on Helen Thomas whose greatest claim to fame is that she managed to hang on long past her prime! The true great pioneer woman in television news was Dorothy Fuldheim. Don't mess with Big Red.

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piano girl said...

About 10 years ago I saw Helen Thomas downtown in DC...in broad daylight...trust me, two bags would not be enough for this woman!