Monday, June 22, 2009


Apparently the appalling provacateur Perez Hilton found himself in an altercation with a member of the Black Eyes Peas staff and found himself on the receiving end of a "whupping"! And while I agree with him that violence is not the answer, hey Perez, what do you call the verbal lashing you give to people you have never met, who have never done anything to you or yours and who may or may not agree with your views on the world? The unacceptable words you use to describe those people. That too is violence and utterly unacceptable. And all those little white lines you draw on the pictures of your victims (and that is truly what they are) you mean-spirited troll - what do you call those but offensive and demeaning hate speech? So your black eye is the least of the retribution you should be receiving young man! For your hateful and hate filled nonsense and the egregious incivility in the service of your own, shameless self-promotion.

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