Wednesday, June 03, 2009


The demented fanatic who murdered Dr. Tiller, the abortionist, will not be remembered as anything other than a cold-blooded killer by most people - and rightly so. Yes, Dr. Tiller was an apparently unrepentant murderer of the unborn. And yes, his bloody activities are anathema to most decent human beings. But killing him was not the answer. The lack of logic is towering. You want to make a point that killing is wrong - so you make your point by killing? Hmmmm - that one just skids off into irrational thinking territory at warp speed!

Human life - all human life - is deserving of protection! As a Catholic, I find the murder of Dr. Tiller terribly offensive on other grounds. Dr. Tiller was not able to repent his sins in the split second of his death. That is not a good thing - since the doctors soul was laden with error!

The mainstream media is being exceedingly dishonest in its reporting of the recruiting office killings also. The killer was a convert to Islam. Very few news stories bother to report that fact. Hmmmmm - why is that? Most news reports made a point of mentioning that the killer of Dr. Tiller was, in fact, a Christian. How is that a more important descriptive term than any other? If the fact that the killer of Dr. Tiller was a Christian is an important piece of information, then too, the information that the killer of the 23-year old Army recruiter was a Muslim is equally important. That's called balanced reporting, something not to be found too often in the mainstream media.

But then I'm old and have old-fashioned expectations about honor and honesty and civil discourse!

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