Thursday, June 11, 2009


An elderly, demented, 9/11 truther parked his little red car on 14th Street yesterday at lunchtime, exited the vehicle and walked into the Holocaust Museum and killed a good man. We don't know the full extent of Von Brunn's intent, but we can only surmise that one death was not the full extent of his hate-filled mission.

Of course, the Left is now attempting to blame the Tea Party participants, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and Bill O’Reilly or anyone else they can come up with, fully forgetting the extent of the hatred and vile language they have spewed over the past 8 years, such things as fantasizing about killing the President of the United States (George W. Bush), hate-raping conservative women, and making vile and despicable comments about Governor Sarah Palin's 18-year old and 14-year old daughters (David Letterman owns that particular piece of disgusting and fairly creepy speech).

Here's a novel idea - let's start holding Daily Kos responsible for the killing of Pvt. Long! It makes just as little sense as holding Bill O'Reilly responsible for the death of Dr. Tiller. Or better yet, let's start holding the actual SHOOTER responsible for their own crimes!

Maybe it needs to start with each one of us - the ramping down of the climate of hatred. Yes, sometimes I'm very cranky. Maybe I'll start to control my ire somewhat and remember that all of us - even Barack Obama - are children of God. Recalcitrant, stupid children sometimes - but still God loves us all, even when he despairs of our stupidity and bad behavior.

The thing that has always fascinated me about all these Jews-as-devils conspiracy people is that they are positing an ENORMOUS conspiracy and the laws of nature absolutely dictate that for a conspiracy that big to succeed - nobody can know about it and when the conspiracy is that big, someone will babble! Human nature being what it is. Senator Robert Byrd's former colleagues in the Klan apparently believe that black people aren't human. And yet, a very human, very brave black man, died protecting the visitors to the Holocaust Museum yesterday.

UPDATE: There are unconfirmed rumors in the blogosphere that the wacko Holocaust Museum shooter is a registered Democrat in Maryland. Are there any intrepid citizen journalists out there who want to take a crack at confirming or denying this story, with incontrovertible evidence?
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