Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As I've mentioned before, during my recent lengthy illness, I got hooked on watching the execrable "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on TLC. Last night, like a lot of people, I was fascinated by how they were going to announce what was already a fact, they had filed for dissolution of their 10-year marriage! Naturally the castrating bitch Kate spent the entire hour of the show casting herself as the heroine and the victim of Jon's "unacceptable activities" when in fact, any man married to her would have fled as though his BVDs were on fire! And, while he still possessed his cojones!

Jon was slightly more articulate than he has been in the past; it's clear that he loves his kids and tried to put up with her royal high and mightiness as long as he could for their sake. Those crooked houses they ordered were darling and his idea for placing them out of the eyeshot of the vulturous pressers was a good one. Naturally, the control freak he is [still] married to wanted them where SHE wanted them. And, as always, she got her way! Good heavens I dislike that woman!

One look at that horrendous haircut she sports is a clue that Kate Gosselin is truly trailer trash. Then there is her sitting on the couch with her filthy bare feet on display - the woman has no class! Jon Gosselin is well rid of her. Here's hoping that cash doesn't trump the best welfare of those 8 adorable children in the divorce.


Frankly Opinionated said...

Guaging that show by your description; once can see why I donated my last TV to my Granddaughter. My entertainment comes from participation in LIFE, and my news and political information comes from FOXNews.com and well-versed bloggers, among other sources. TV and Mickey D are the primary reasons for the dumbing down and fattening up of America.
Why would any truly "bonded" and sane people even take their private life to the TV. The few minutes of that sort of show that I have seen show me the idiocy of it all. Like "Reality" shows, where the cast is apparently all alone, but yet they have camera crews along. "Ice Highway Truckers" is another great example of the phoniness that is Television. As a trucker, (who has driven the Alaskan Highway) and other severe weather routes, I know that without the drama, the audience would walk away.
I have far to many other things to do to occupy my retired day.
Thanks for the reinforcement of my belief.
nuf sed

Sennakesavan said...

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