Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Roger Hedgecock tells the truth in this comprehensive article laying out all the ways in which the Democratic Party promoted and protected and attempted to extend the domination and subjugation of the black citizens of this country. Why then does the American black citizen love and adore every lying and racist member of this Party. Are they stupid? Or do the Democrats have a brilliance about flimflamming people that we Republicans have not discovered?

Help to AIDS-stricken people in Africa. The doing of Bill Clinton? Hell no - it was George W. Bush, folks! Foundation of the KKK - Democrats, kids.

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B....... said...

The young blacks (in their 20s) that I have talked to are incredulous when I point out that it was racist liberal democrats that siced the dogs on black marchers in Alabama. They believe that George Wallace was a Republican. John Tyler Morgan is as fine an example of the hateful southern democrat as one can get. I think LBJ is (or should be) credited for this ruse.........