Thursday, August 27, 2009


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Somali pirates holding a hijacked ship off the coast of Somalia fired at a U.S. Navy helicopter as it made a surveillance flight over the vessel, the first such attack by pirates on an American military aircraft, the Navy said Thursday.

The helicopter, which is based on the USS Chancellorsville, was not hit and there were no injuries, the Navy said.

The copter was flying on Wednesday over a Taiwanese-flagged fishing vessel, the Win Far, which pirates seized along with its 30-member crew in April and were holding south of the Somali port town of Hobyo.

The helicopter was about 3,000 yards (meters) away from the ship when the pirates opened fire with "a large caliber weapon," the Navy said in a statement. The helicopter did not return fire, it said.

Why didn't the helicopter return fire? Why do we not acquaint these lawless thieves with the price to be paid for screwing with the United States of America? Or our allies?

Oh wait, I forgot, Herr Obama is our president! Why didn't the helicopter play a recorded version of "Kumbaya"?


CDR J said...

Gayle, most Navy helicopters are not armed. Some carry antisubmarine torpedoes, but that is about it.

Gayle Miller said...

Okay - I've never been in the military!

Maybe they should be permitted to carry a nice little AK47 for such eventualities!

piano girl said...

I'm with you, Gayle...if these copters are out where they could be in harms way, they need to be able to (1) protect themselves, and (2) take out the bad guys!

CDR J ~ thanks for your service to our country!

Anonymous said...

There are also a couple of key phrases to take note of:

1. pirates holding a hijacked ship
2. 30-member crew

This was a surveillance flight and as already mentioned probably was not armed due to this fact. However, even if it was armed the pirates were on the hijacked ship along with the 30-member crew (as far as I can tell anyways). The helicopter may not have returned fire because they weren't sure they could avoid casualties among the hostages.

What I would like to know is why you immediately used this as a way to bash our president when this had nothing to do with him?

Let's just admit the facts here why don't we. You never intended on supporting Obama as our president. You, as most Republicans, want him to fail. You, as most Republicans, will always bad mouth our president.

I hope you enjoy your bitterness.

piano girl said...

Dear Anonymous...I do have it on very good authority that when one of our ships was taken hostage by pirates last Spring, Obama did NOT want to give the OK for the bad guys to be taken out until the FBI could get over to that area to do some negotiations with the pirates. That hostage situation could have been ended much earlier than it was.

I would say that most of us wish Obama well...we pray for his safety on a daily basis. What we DON'T like is the slide down the path to socialism that he seems so hell-bent on taking us. What we want to fail are his ideas that are so wrong for this country. We are not bitter ~ I think it would be difficult to find "bitter" republicans. We are fearful for our country, be it Obamacare that will wipe out the best medical system in the world, the czars who report to no one other than the POTUS who are starting to control great amounts of our freedoms, and seeing the Constitution being shredded. We see an AG who is going after the people in the CIA who have kept us safe for the past nearly 8 years, and who dismissed the case against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation during the election last November. We see a left-leaning pal of Obama's wanting to do away with the sacredness of 9/11 when we remember the tragedies of what happened that day, and turn it into a "day of service" so children don't have to see the horrific pictures of people jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers rather than burn to death. As a child, I was never shielded from the truths of what happened on Pearl Harbor Day, and I learned to deal with it. We have a willing and compliant press that has never questioned anything the current POTUS has done. The man refuses to release medical records, passport records, school records ~ we know some of his associates have been people who are not friends of this country, and yet the press is not at all curious about "who, what & where" with this man.

We are not bitter...we wish the POTUS well, but we also want to see that our Country is still left standing, all 50 (not 57) States intact when his term is over. January 20, 2013 can't come soon enough for me.

Gayle Miller said...

I do not like our president but I do not wish him to fail either, unlike the way the Dems talked and acted about GWB which was disgraceful and bordered on the damn near treasonous. Our current president's socialism is offensive and un-American and we have every right, under the Constitution to express our dislike of that socialism and work against it within the law. I'm sure all of you who support the current president would prefer that we just shut up and go along - but that ain't gonna happen fella!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all of you hard-core Republicans go to bed with a little prayer for Obama. You probably call him "The Won" or "The Messiah" in your prayers too.

How come when the Dems talked trash about GWB it was "disgraceful and bordered on the damn near treasonous" but your talking trash about Obama (and your wishing he fails) is just you expressing your dislike? Holy shit...are you serious?