Monday, August 17, 2009


On Friday's edition of The Factor - which I watch since O'Reilly isn't the host and Laura Ingraham is, a representative of the ever-so-politically correct Democratic Party made it his business to talk about Gov. Sarah Palin in disparaging tones - doing himself or his cause absolutely no good whatsoever. You want to look like a bullying weinie, fellow, have at it. But REAL women like REAL men who don't feel it's necessary to disparage a strong women in order to make their dicks feel normal sized!

The Hammer will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars this season. All that is running through my head is Charles Durning, playing the governor of Texas, in the movie "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" doing his song "A Little Sidestep" - never have I ever seen such pure evil joy radiating as when Durning was doing that dance! If Tom DeLay can muster that kind of soul deep, mischievous joie de vive, he'll beat the crap out of the other competitors! And we'll all have the pleasure of watching their little heads spin around on their necks counterclockwise.

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