Tuesday, August 18, 2009


People protesting outside appearances by President Barack Obama have taken to showing up with their [legal] guns in full view.

Gentlemen (and I use that term reluctantly) - what are you trying to prove? That you have balls? Let's take that as a given. You are also indulging in needless provocation. Sooner or later there will be an "incident" - probably one provoked by Axelrod or his gang of leftwing anti 2nd Amendment cronies. And the 2nd Amendment will once again be put in peril because of your silly behavior.

Knock it the hell off! AND OF COURSE, the suggestion now has been made that these people are left wingers posing as provacateurs to create an incident! That would be the Chicago way!

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oldwhitelady said...

I guess they're trying to tell the president they want to keep their guns. Unfortunately, that is not the right forum. I think it's downright scary that they are carrying their guns around!