Monday, August 24, 2009


Glenn Beck's advertisers are scurrying away as fast as their quisling little paws can take them. They are, wholesale, caving in to the LeftWing's assault on the First Amendment by removing their advertising from his show.

Now I'm not a huge fan of Glenn Beck. I think he gets really hysterical and is credulous enough to believe every flipping conspiracy theory that comes down the pike, but he does fill a need and is far less likely to make an ass of himself by kissing the butts of the left wing than say an O'Reilly who has devolved into an idiot over the past five years - wholly in love with his own self! That being said, the people who have the stones to advertise on his show will get my patronage (and guys, I'm still spending money - maybe not quite as freely as I once was, but it's still being spent) and the hell with Geico Insurance, Clorox and their confreres in cowardice.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck spews hate and garbage and rarely any facts. Period.

Why would any company want their product advertised during his show? Maybe they are expressing their opinions by removing their advertising from his show. What? Are they not allowed to do that?

The fact that you are defending that crybaby sissy really hurts your credibility. Would you defend Keith Olbermann if advertisers left because of him? We all know you wouldn't. You would write a snide little post saying how great it is that advertisers are leaving him and how much he deserved it.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a free speech issue. The government isn't trying to shut Beck up, consumers are. The First Amendment applies only to government control of speech.

Gayle Miller said...

I am not defending Glenn Beck. I am criticizing his politically motivated advertisers who are proving they are political because if they were going on audience share, they'd stay with him!

As far as Keith Olbermann is concerned, the sooner his nasty mouth is shut away from polluting the public airwaves, the better - but boycotting his show by advertisers might not be the best way to do it. NOT watching his show would be a good start. And I don't - watch his show. I don't watch Glenn Beck either. I'm still at work when he comes on and I don't have enough room on my DVR to record his show. I save the space for cooking shows. That's why my butt has its own zip code!