Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Mrs. Shriver was one of only two members of the Kennedy clan in her generation that I considered worth a tinker's damn. The other member was her brother, our late president, who had good intentions but poor execution and insufficient time. If you study the speeches of JFK you will see that in many ways, he and Richard M. Nixon had similar points of view.

Brother Edward Kennedy is a waste of human skin, a killer of innocents (both by extension - his support for abortion - and in fact, i.e. the matter of Mary Jo Kopechne).

Mrs. Shriver believed in the infinite possibilities possessed by all humans, however, limited they might appear to be. Her private pain at her sister Rosemary's fate led her to founding the Special Olympics. If you have ever attended one of their events, you will, like me, have experienced the optimism and joy that emanates from these remarkable young people. So she will be missed. How very sad for Maria Shriver - all her beauty and all of her accomplishment and intelligence and position as the First Lady of California cannot protect her from the agonizing and lingering departure of her father due to Alzheimer's and now the death of her beloved mother. I would hope that she took the opportunity in her mother's last months to say to her mother the things that she needed to say (like "I love you" and "Thank you" - mothers need to hear those things - we cannot assume that they know how we feel) so that no guilt accompanies her to her mother's funeral and interment.

Rest in peace dear lady. May angels escort you to your well deserved rest!

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