Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Someone told me this morning that it was bordering on treason to hope that President Obama was a failed president. I don't agree - with a caveat. I do hope that his more extreme programs (like the ill-conceived health care plan) will take a dive. I do hope that his reasonable proposals are given consideration and weight and duly voted upon - up or down as Congress may be so moved. The belief that Obama is already a failure as President is my right under the Constitution. I will be proven correct long after I'm dead because it takes 30-50 years for a president to be evaluated fairly and comprehensively. The exception to that is James Earl Carter, Jr. who was the absolute WORST president of the 20th Century (edging out my personal favorite failure - Warren G. Harding) and his utter and complete incompetence was unmistakeable from the very first!

Why do I hope that President Obama's plans for this country fail? Because they are unconstitutional and un-American in the extreme. And a compliant Congress mostly seems to be buying into his bullshit and selling all of us down the river. Why doesn't someone who can afford the costs of litigation file lawsuits questioning the legality of the takeover of the automobile industry? Take the wind right out of that incompetent moron Pelosi's sails? Ditto for the Cadaver over in the Senate. Reid is facing major challenges to his reelection. God is good. Reid is another dessicated cretin of questionable morality.

A friend of mine claims that every president with the exception of Reagan and Andrew Jackson were owned by someone. Do you agree? I don't, but it's tough to prove a negative!

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