Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am sometimes (frequently) moved to wonder how much longer He is going to protect us from our worst instincts!

We elect poltroons and completely incompetent idiots to public office. We tolerate their bloviating and their apparent disregard of the fact that they work for us and not the other way around. We allow them, without objection, to pack massive quantities of pork into otherwise benign legislation. We are complicit in allowing some of them (Edward Moore Kennedy) to make a career out of serving in the U.S. Congress which was never what was intended by our nation's founders. We are often self-serving, all too frequently lazy about examining public policy, we spend almost our entire time focused on our own selfish pursuits in lieu of holding our public servants' feet to the fire and demanding that they do the jobs we elected them to do.

If I were God I would be thoroughly disgusted with the American people in general, the leftwingers most of all. He has given us this beautiful, rich in natural resources land with a Constitution framed by some of the most remarkable men who have ever lived. And we don't focus enough attention on preserving our gift.

This year and next year, in the November elections, we really must give some serious attention to the candidates for whom we vote. No more slackers and men of dubious provenance such as our current President. Let's make a real effort to elect patriots and honest men of character to the various state and Federal offices. Candidates who honor and value this beautiful country are in short supply, but we must make every effort to find them.

The ACORN folks will be doing everything in their power to thrwart our efforts to take back OUR country from their dishonest and thuggish hands. We must and should resist with everything we possess.


B....... said...

No problem:

Term limits for our representatives

“Reporters” that report and not attempt to change the world (color the news) to their liking

Educated voters

No problem? Just call me dubious. Throw in cynical too.....

Gayle Miller said...


Frankly Opinionated said...

I can find no valid reason to leave any incumbent in his present office, regardless of party! They do, in fact, work for us. And yes, they have forgotten that detail of their office.
In the original scheme of things, the term was established so that those called upon to assist in the running of the country could take their expertise to Washington, do the country a bit of good, and return to their successfull businesses at home. Today politics has become a trade, a craft, a skill. And it is practiced by lowlife crooks, not a bit different than the carjackers, the street punks, and other users of society.
I have said for years: "If your politician did anything at all against your wishes, or against the good of the country; vote him/her out!".
A single term, with NO retirement benefits, (after all, one smart enough to do good for America should already have his/her retirement in place, eh?), no outrageous perks such as Air Force jet planes to ride around in,and such, would be a good start. At that time, we would once again, attract good smart business people who would not mind giving a few years to the betterment of the country.
nuf sed

Gayle Miller said...

My late father frequently opined that those who were smart enough to solve our nation's problems were likewise way too smart to get into politics! But I definitely see your point Frankly Opinionated. Throw all the bums out!