Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I didn't especially like you or share any scintilla of your politics, but apparently your family found something about you to be lovable so for their sake, I am saying Rest in Peace. I WILL pray for the benefit of your soul and I would hope that you made a good confession and cleansed your soul properly before the end came.

There are a lot of people saying a lot of smarmy and self-servingly laudatory things about you, now that you're gone. I won't join in that hypocrisy. There are even some cynical souls who will try to use your death as a goad to get the Senate and the House to pass a completely unacceptable health care bill. However, in view of the fact that YOU were and would not be covered by any public option or nationalized heatlh care scheme and that no doubt, due to your family money and your position in the Senate you received the best health care that money can buy, any attempt to use your death for political advancement purposes would be despicable and completely inappropriate.

I have a friend, who is not yet 60. This man was diagnosed with primary site brain cancer before you were. His very ordinary family is paying a huge amount of money to get him his monthly chemo treatments ($6,000 for 5 days of chemo meds, including the anti-nausea pills). His health insurance only covered 80% of the cost of the chemo, so his wife and family were on the hook for $1,200 per month. Fortunately, she was able to roll him onto her health care plan during open enrollment which has greatly ameliorated the costs down to $35 per month co-pay. Radiation treatment was horrendously expensive and they are on the hook for a fair amount of that as well. And still, this family does not support the dreadful health care scheme being proposed by your colleagues in the House and Senate. Thank God that Mark is younger and was at base, far healthier than you. We want him to last another couple of years - if possible - for the sake of his grandchildren who truly deserve the chance to know this remarkable and very entertaining man who loves them so much.

Under the completely unacceptable health care reforms now in the House and Senate, Mark would not be encouraged to fight his cancer. Screw that is my opinion. He is the husband of a dear friend and I love him for his own sake. He makes me laugh. He loves his grandchildren, his children and his wife - and they love him back - and I know how important a grandfather can be. I had one I adored and a lot of my mindset and inquisitive nature are a result of that association.

So go with God, Senator Kennedy. He is the impartial and incorruptible judge of us all. I leave you to his tender mercies. God bless your grieving family. I will pray for them.


Piano girl said...

Since Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment, I will say I hope the Senator is able to RIP when he meets his Maker.

Gayle Miller said...

Well I doubt it but suffice it to say that for the next-4-5 months, Taxachusetts only will have 1 Senator - and the 60 vote majority is now only 59 votes, since even Dems cannot prop up a cadaver to vote! With the exception of Harry Reid, the Cadaver in chief.

piano girl said...

Unfortunately, the gov. of MA has said he will ask the legislature to change the last bill they put into play that had the 5 month waiting period. Since the gov. is a dimocrat, he'd like to be able to appoint the next congresscritter from the State, and not wait for a special election to take place. I hear one of RFK's sons is in line to ascend to the throne of senator from MA, his rightful place to be, I'm sure.

Gayle Miller said...

Joseph Kennedy is the nephew standing on line to replace Edward M. Kennedy. He is a rather despicable human being by my estimation. Like replacing like, therefore!