Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When Dan Rather reported that he had documents that impeached then-President George W. Bush’s military service and those documents were produced and later proven to be absolute forgeries, one portion of the story never came out.

Dan Rather’s fired producer Mary Mapes knew and had known for weeks that George W. Bush had VOLUNTEERED to go to Vietnam and ended up not serving in Vietnam because other, more experienced pilots were sent ahead of him while he was still in training. Since Ms. Mapes knew that George W. Bush had volunteered, she was obligated by journalistic ethics, to include that information in the report of Dan Rather on the air. She did not. Did Rather know, and if so, when did he know it?

When the so-called lost military documents were produced and examined by people online, we quickly realized that there was no way that those documents had been produced at an Air Force Base in the 1970s. They were done in a typeface that wasn’t available for another 15 years and then only on computers. And it was obvious.

Dan Rather kept insisting that the story was true, even if the documents were false. I found that point of view to be both troubling and somewhat astonishing. How much of that stemmed from Rather's longstanding antipathy for George H.W. Bush which was spilling forth onto the son? This is another factor of the story that should have been reported as part of Rather’s story. He should have reported his bias, the source of the bias and the length of it. He did not. So on that basis, I cannot excuse him, whether he knew that President G.W. Bush had volunteered or whether he did not.

Where is this information to be found? On page 130 of the report produced by an independent panel hired by CBS to research and examine and then produce a report. Their report is readily available online. The information has been available for years and nobody was ever curious enough or thorough enough to read the report thoroughly until an unnamed source directed the attention of journalist Bernard Goldberg to page 130 where this lonely, little emphasized or noticed fact became evident!

Is the press biased in favor of Democrats? Don’t make me laugh!

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