Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Did you know the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment does not apply to babies of illegal aliens born here? A bill is in the works to end the birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens born in this country.

We are, as I have frequently opined, a generous and kindly people, all allegations by the leftwing idiots to the contrary aside! They're speaking out of their nether regions as per usual. We have helped nations all around the world in several centuries of our existence, even before we really could afford to do so. All the world accepted slavery at the time that we, sadly, tolerated it here. No it wasn't right, but that's in the PAST. We ended it well over 100 years ago. That's why it's called the PAST. So to those who are the descendants of slaves, quit thinking of yourselves as victims and start thinking of yourselves as Americans! Not hyphenated Americans but just plain Americans. You have just as much opportunity to work your butt off as the rest of us do. We all work really hard so that we can enjoy the blessings of this great land. It isn't for sale and it isn't for la migra by a people who are such inept managers that they couldn't hold it in the first damned place. You will not achieve by fecundity what you failed to achieve by merit!

If you want California - have at! I will not, however, cede rights to Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and Florida.

Before - long before - any discussions of amnesty (reward for breaking our Federal laws) take place, let's reclaim our national borders and enforce them. We have that right as a sovereign nation. Anyone who claims to the contrary is just blowing stupidity out his ass!

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