Friday, June 11, 2010


Last night on O'Reilly a commercial was played sponsored by some pro-drug group funded by George Soros which featured Sting (not a U.S. citizen so why doesn't he STFU) objecting to our United States drug policies as threatening his "sovereignty over his own body" - which is patent bullshit on the face of it.

Statistics prove that 90% or more of child and domestic abuse is perpetrated by drug-addled abusers! That alone should say something about the need to get the illegal drug trade under control. And by the way - the statistics also aver that only 10% of alcohol-addled cretins are abusers. So don't do that moral equivalency crap, please!

What's the real reason that Mr. Soros (who may well be Satan's imp - in fact I'm sure of it) wants drugs readily and legally available in this country? My guess is that he wants us nice and stoned when he calls in his storm troopers to take us over. And it's becoming readily apparent to him that his current ploy in the form of that ignorant, incompetent Kenyan wetback is failing miserably!

I think it's time for all good little Buddhists to start chanting for Soros' happiness. It's the surest way to spike his guns for good.

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