Thursday, June 17, 2010


Happy father's day to all you men out there who have survived the last 30-40 years of unremitting male-bashing by the so-called feminists who think think that in order to be empowered, they need to belittle and denigrate all the men in their world and everyone else's worlds as well.

That is such trifling b.s. I cannot even begin to tell you how seriously stupid I think that kind of thing is. Men are no more flawed than are the women who make it a habit to diss them on a regular basis. Perhaps - in some cases - even less so.

Bottom line, we're all imperfect humans and we all need to lean on each other to make it through this life without serious injury. What's so hard to understand about that?

Well, I guess they're so programmed these left-wing feminists who think that in order to be taken seriously they need to eschew personal hygiene and grooming that they are incapable of thinking like reasonable people!

My own father was a flawed human being - as am I - but I loved him a great deal. And I learned a great deal from him. He taught me to love books and education and my mother with whom - like all daughters - I occasionally had a contentious relationship. All things being equal, Gilbert Joseph Miller was an exceptional human being who left me too soon. I loved you then and I love you now Dad!

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