Thursday, June 10, 2010


The bought-and-paid-for media are pillorying Carly Fiorina for her comments vis-a-vis Barbara Boxer's hairdo. I think the fuss is overly hysterical and totally ridiculous. Barbara Boxer (call me Senator Boxer, not ma'am) has always run on her looks, not her substance, primarily because she has no substance. So criticizing her hairdo is fair game.

Now it has been done and we need to move on. If Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit, Barbara Boxer is a crap-filled dress! She doesn't deserve re-election and should not BE re-elected!

Bottom line - she's a vapid, empty-headed bitch and worthless as tits on a bull!

And fugly to boot - look at those hands. She's a whole lot older than the botox would lead one to believe! And while it isn't politically correct to comment on her appearance, when that's been her whole persona during her entire political life - she has made it fair game! Besides, I'm not politically correct now or ever!

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