Thursday, June 17, 2010


I certainly agree that BP was quite cavalier in its attention to safety concerns which, in the end, led to the explosion (that cost 11 lives, lest we overlook that salient detail) and the enormous oil spill that is still happening in the Gulf of Mexico and finding its way into both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

But to "keep it real" as the young keep imploring us to do - BP had to drill where it did because a bunch of environmental wackos and weinies would not let the drilling take place in safer waters! And our president's assertion that we don't have sufficient oil reserves is just a flat out leftwing LIE. We have enough oil reserves that we know of to last this nation THREE HUNDRED YEARS.

In addition, boycotting BP stations is an asinine waste of time. Before you do so, you should at a minimum ascertain whether or not this is a BP-owned station or a station run by some hapless franchisee whose entire life savings went into this business and where he makes little money from the selling of gasoline but depends on the minimart sales to make a living - and not a munificent one at that. And even if it is a BP-owned station, we need them to keep on making money so they can stay in business long enough to pay whatever renumeration is needed to return things to where they should be.0

In other words - instead of reacting emotionally and flapping about like a bunch of demented idiots, let's use our brains and try to behave rationally and thoughtfully! I know that's a foreign concept to a lot of Dems, but Republicans are supposed to be better than that, as are Libertarians and Independents.

And our hearts can bleed all they want for the poor birdies and sea life that is being harmed. The envirowackos were so concerned about the dangers of offshore drilling or drilling in ANWR that they forced us to drill in an area where capping the ruptured pipe is going to take longer and in the end wreak more havoc on our natural resources! How does that make any sense at all?

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