Wednesday, June 09, 2010


What they mean is that in different venues, different values and stresses were in play. Anyone who thinks that this is some guarantee that the November elections will go a certain way, is reading faulty tea leaves!

The most important thing about the coming November election is that everyone get out there and actually VOTE!

Getting the entire slate of Senators who voted for a health care boondoggle they neither read nor understood is imperative. Getting rid of most of the witless buffoons who call themselves U.S. Congressmen is a grave necessity.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is this: How much do I love my country? Do I love her enough to propel my lazy arse out of bed and get me to the polls.

Not voting is not an option - I don't care what anyone says. We're in this mess because people were so busy "sending a message" to Republicans who weren't doing the ideologically pure thing, that we ended up with an incompetent Socialist sitting in the White House, kept there purely because his vice president is a big, endlessly prattling buffoon!

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