Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I actually listened to Dr. Czero's address to the nation last night - all 10% of his entirely too generalized and self-serving rhetoric about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the 90% campaign statement about cap and tax!

Did he tell us what he is actually going to do? I mean, come on, he's had 53 days to figure it out! Nope, no specifics. Guess when you don't give specifics, you cannot expect to be criticized when your non-specific solutions fail miserably.

Since I have never actually ever listened to a speech by The Lightbringer, I was expecting soaring rhetoric and brilliant locution - and I received neither. It was just another pedestrian piece of babble trying to justify his inaction and inept handling of an environmental emergency coupled with justifications for his additional taxation scheme called cap and trade.

In other words - bullshit from the top. Has this nation ever had a more incompetent president? Nope - don't think so! I mean, shit, Jimmy Carter is a trained engineer - did Obama even reach out to him? The governor of Louisiana - Bobby Jindal - has had his fill of the non-solutions emanating from Washington and is taking matters into his own hands. He gave Obama a chance to prove his abilities and was rewarded with the usual shuck and jive bullshit.

Two more years seem like an eternity for this p.o.s. to be foisted on this country. He's an idiot. Problem is, his v.p. is an even bigger dunderhead!

And by the way - where is Obama's constitutional RIGHT to tell BP what to do with the fund they're setting up to help those who were financially damaged by this oil spill? Does he think he's GOD? We know better. In addition, BP is a BRITISH corporation over which he has no rights! What a dimwit.

How refreshing was it to hear Sarah Palin's firm, knowledgeable and no-nonsense response to Dr. Czero's babbling? Dear Lord, protect and preserve this magnificent woman and her family for the sake of my beloved nation! The godless Left fears her because she is truly a gift from God for our country.

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