Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Sometimes you discover a new friend when you are at one of the lowest points in your life and certainly that was the case when I discovered the blog called “The Anchoress”. My best friend’s 20 year old son had just died of a massive drug overdose (6 or 7 different illegal drugs in his system) and the grief was, to say the least, nearly overwhelming. And then I stumbled upon The Anchoress.

From the first encounter, this site has provided me with solace, pleasure, new ways to spend money (on recordings by the magnificent Bryn Terfel and the books she recommends) and the sheer joy of reading work from a first-rate mind delivered by a quality of writing that can only be described as magnificent. We have some things in common, The Anchoress and I. Our faith. Our love of good music. Our appreciation for cats. Problematic childhoods, although heaven knows mind was idyllic in comparison to hers.

From the excellent Pope Benedict (lover of cats and Mozart), to Bryn Terfel and on to discussions of some of the most reprehensible politicians in kinder terms than they deserve, The Anchoress never fails to enrich my day. If you haven’t discovered her yet, click on the link over on the left and go visit this fabulous gift to the blogsphere. She is easy (and worthwhile) to love, our Anchoress, I promise you.

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Viola Jaynes said...

This is such a nice tribute and I could not agree more with you. Very nice indeed!