Friday, May 04, 2007

Clinton announces effort to revoke president's war powers
Seeks to force debate with assistance from West Virginia's Byrd
By Kathy Kiely, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced Thursday that she's joining forces with one of the Senate's most skilled parliamentary infighters to try to rescind President Bush's authority to wage war.

Clinton, a New York Democrat seeking her party's presidential nomination, and Sen. Robert Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat who is the Senate's longest-serving member, said they will seek a vote to rescind the authority Congress granted Bush to use force in Iraq in October 2002. If approved, the measure would require congressional reauthorization for troops to remain in Iraq, Clinton said.

Some gal our Senator Clinton! She ought to be indicted for treason and frog-marched out of the Senate in handcuffs with that senile old goat Byrd right behind her, similarly arrayed! She’s only doing this to ingratiate herself with the leftwingnuts in a naked grab for personal political currency! What the hell, who cares if our country ends up under sharia law as long as Hillary Rodham Clinton gets what SHE wants! She is a despicable amoral crone!

(And if you think I'm CRANKY now, you should have read this BEFORE I toned it down!)

These are the kind of people to whom Senators Clinton and Byrd think we should abandon the Iraqui people.

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Patm said...

She's all about protecting our constitution, ain't she? Between this and her desire to see an end to the electoral college, boy...if she gets in we won't recognize the constitution in a few years.