Monday, May 14, 2007


This, to me, is a much larger issue than the jail time sentence meted out to notorious trollop and party girl Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton pleaded “no contest” to drunk driving. She was given probation, required to attend an alcohol education program and her license to drive a vehicle was suspended. She acknowledged this sentence IN WRITING and signed her name to the document. What about this is difficult to understand? Even for her?

Not once, but TWICE, she was pulled over for driving without a license. The first time they let it slide, the second time her skinny ass was hauled into court. In addition to the fact that she pleaded ignorance (which under the law is no excuse) of the fact that her license to drive a car was suspended (and then tried to blame it on her PUBLICIST for heaven’s sakes), when she was pulled over the second time, she was driving with her vehicle lights off. What? Did the moron think they wouldn’t notice her? Granted this is L.A., but even THERE a Bentley tends to attract attention. Further, she had NOT (as required by the terms of her probation) entered and completed the alcohol education program, nor has she done so at this writing.

Now she has started an internet campaign for leniency (and is asking her fans to “sihn” the petition), while her family is campaigning for a pardon from Governor Terminator! Advice to Ah-nold: Don't do it!

What exactly does this 26-year old female (who SHOULD be old enough to know better but clearly isn’t) contribute to society other than conspicuous consumption? Yet little girls try to emulate her. And THAT is why she should be forced to put on her “big girl” panties (or any panties at all) and do the time, because most assuredly she DID do the crimes.

It’s time this heedless bunch of indulged babies understands that there are consequences to their actions. Further, driving under the influence is NEVER okay and that is also a message that can and should be sent by this incident.

I have seen drug and alcohol abuse up close and personal in my own life. I am the adult child of alcoholic parents and someone I deeply loved died of a massive drug overdose. It is a debilitating and family-destroying disease that claims lives daily. Far too often, the lives that are taken because of alcohol abuse are INNOCENT lives. There are statistics out there that say that for every ONE TIME that someone is nailed for driving impaired, they have done it 100 times or more!

So yes, send the worthless twit to jail – and if she keeps on whining about her well-deserved punishment, make her serve the full 45 days, instead of giving her half off for good behavior.


Pam said...

The very idea that she should be let off because she gives "hope" to so many insignificant losers around the world is reason enough to put this slag in jail. I'm so sick of the rich and famous (and that includes politicians) thinking they are above such petty details as the law and the consequences of breaking it. I hope she is put on toilet cleaning detail. Or serving muck in the cafeteria! Wouldn't that be a fun "Simple Life" episode? I would watch that!

Gayle Miller said...

I have to admit the idea of her having to undergo a "cavity search" is entertaining me! Rotten woman that I am.

Anonymous said...

I drive people out of bars all weekend long, and am amazed at the people who DON'T get in my cab. If the cops wanted to, they could easily watch for drunk drivers by watching some of these people stumble into their cars.

Gayle Miller said...

Good point indeed, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Radio show this a.m. said she was "seen" smoking weed, whatever seen means.

If so, she could do all 90 days. Is she that dumb?